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Traffic Analysis

Jay-O-B Web Marketing has a team of traffic analysis professionals that can turn your idle traffic into an instant cash cow. We have made affiliate programs thousands of dollars in a short period of time using our traffic tricks.

We charge a cheap flat rate of $100 after evaluation of your paysites. We completely back our methods by offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if using our methods don't make AT LEAST your $100 investment back by then end of the year we will give you all of your money back!

Grunt Work

Let’s face it, when it comes to doing grunt work no one likes to do it. It's tedious, boring, and normally there's lots of it to be done. We can take care of any basic work you need done based on a $15 hourly rate.

Jay-O-B is more than willing to do things like writing descriptions, blog posts, organizing directories, submitting free sites or tube videos, making videos caps, making thumbnails, resizing pictures, etc.

Domain Developing

The first thing a beginning webmaster looks for is a good domain name right? Most webmasters tend to collect domains that they might have plans for in the future but don't have time to develop.

Jay-O-B has a variety of packages for domain developing for your vacant domains that are just sitting around costing you money every year. .

Domain Packages

Package 1: This package includes 5 freesites on each domain. - 1 Domain, $125 per domain.

Package 2: This package includes 5 freesites on each domain. - 5 Domains, $90 per domain.

Package 3: This package includes 5 freesites on each domain. - 10 Domains, $75 per domain.

Click Here to see the FTP view of what each domain will entail.

Web Design
Depending on the color and type of website you would like to have created, our team can make a custom design for your website that will fit your personal taste as well as your targeted client base.
Customer Service
Jay-O-B Web Marketing has customer service reps who can articulate and communicate if needed with your client base via e-mail, Skype, ICQ, or any other platform you wish to use.


We can also handle media demands like cutting & editing videos.


We have specialized portrait editing & blemish removal Photoshop artist.

Audio Editing

Much like our video editing we can offer the same skill set with audio.